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Latin : /ki-ɛɹ-ə/ to conjure, to summon, to put in motion
Software Consulting, C++ Training, and Mentoring



Ciere is hiring for the El Dorado Hills, California office.

We are a small consulting company that solves problems to make our clients successful. We primarily employ custom software solutions; however, many of our projects include custom electronics and mechanics.

We are full stack developers. We write software for small little devices with 4k of RAM, embedded devices with and without OS's, workstations and servers, and 400+ core distributed cloud systems. We work in the consumer, business operations, industrial control, financial, and scientific fields.

We are looking for a full-time member of our technical staff. As a small company, we wear many hats to solve problems for our clients. Coding, data analysis, technical leadership, advising/mentoring, electronic design, running/maintaining large cloud deployments, and more. We craft solutions primarily in C++, Python, and Javascript. Our team has a diverse technical background and software is our artisan tool. We love solving problems and seeing our clients succeed.

At this particular time we need to expand our Python and Django capabilities. If you have experience with Django we want to hear from you! We may entertain remote and/or a contractor status for this position if you have just the right mix of skills.

If you are interested in joining our team and becoming part of the success story of our partners, please submit your CV (as a PDF) to Include a few sentences describing why you would be an asset to the Ciere team and our clients.

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