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Training - Modern C++ for Embedded [Intermediate]

Modern C++ for Embedded - Intermediate is a 16-hour training course taught by Michael Caisse. It is currently offered as a Live and Interactive online public or private course.

Here is the upcoming public course schedule. Click on the course title for more information and to purchase tickets.

All online classes are taught across 4-days, 4-hours each day.

October 19 - 22, 2020Online$800.00
November 16 - 19, 2020Online$800.00

Course Description

Language developments in the past 10-years have made C++ the obvious choice for many embedded projects. This course delves deeper into the language features and idioms that make Modern C++ an ideal fit.

We will emphasizes correctness through construction (having high confidence things are right at compile time) and explore how to stay away from the sharp edges. So many of the recent features in the language enable the common goals of size, speed, and expressiveness. We will look at idioms that improve the quality of the final product.

Whether you are running embedded linux or bare metal on an STM32 device, this course will continue hone your Modern C++ skills for embedded projects.


This course assumes that the student is knowledgable with C++ and has some appreciation for the unique complexities in an embedded world. While not a requirement, it builds on the foundations laid in the Modern C++ for Embedded: Bootstrap course.

This is a hands-on course with exercises. We will be primarily using the Ciere Training Infrastructure for writing, compiling, and testing code. The infrastructure only requires a web browser but feel free to bring your laptop and favorite C++14/17/20 development environment.

Course Topics

Our embedded C++ course content comes from over 30-years of utilizing C++ in embedded systems.

In this course we will build some small libraries as we introduce concepts, language features, and idioms. The goal is to demonstrate how various Modern C++ constructs can be applied to produce elegant, efficient, and correct by composition solutions.

The libraries developed may include:

Some of the topics we will address include:

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