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Training - Modern C++ for Embedded [Hands on Workshop]

Modern C++ for Embedded - Hands on Workshop is a 16-hour training course taught by Michael Caisse. It is currently offered as a Live and Interactive online public or private course.

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All online classes are taught across 4-days, 4-hours each day.


Course Description

Getting started with embedded systems has a lot of hurtles and the process can seem overwhelming. In this workshop we will walk through the different steps to get a system up and running. We will cover the entire chain from selecting and installing cross compilers (and tool chains) to downloading binaries on a target and debugging the result. This workshop is all about the mechanics and bringing a deeper understanding of what is going on under the tool chain and hardware hood to students. During each of the steps we will keep in mind that our goal is to write Modern C++. This is important because that alone brings some challenges to our initial tasks.

This course is offered both as a public 16-hour format and a private class that can be customized.


This course is perfect for individuals wanting to get started in embedded. The material assumes that the student is proficient with a programming language (such as C or C++).

This is a hands-on class. The student will be required to purchase additional materials such as a developer kit and debug module.

Course Topics

Some of the topics covered:

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