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Training - Modern C++ [Bootstrap]

Modern C++ Bootstrap is a 16-hour training course taught by Michael Caisse. It is currently offered as a Live and Interactive online public or private course.

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All online classes are taught across 4-days, 4-hours each day.

November 2 - 5, 2020Online$800.00

Course Description

The C++11 standard practically introduced a new language. Include improvements from C++14 and C++17 and there is a lot to take advantage of. Are you ready to update your code base? Whether you are starting a new project or maintaining an existing one, there are features to enhance the performance, expressiveness, and quality of your code.

This two-day bootstrap course will get you going with the core language and standard library changes you are most likely to employ in your daily work. Join us as we explore new features through examples and exercises while discussing practical uses and gotchas. Compiler support will be addressed with each feature as we build on usage so that whether you utilize a compiler that is barely C++11 complaint or one that has all of C++17 you can take away some goodness.

Join us and start using the power of modern C++ in your own projects!


Participants should have basic knowledge of the C++ language.

This course includes exercises, so bring your laptop and your favorite C++11/14/17 development environment.

Course Topics

Some of the language features covered:

integer types, nullptrdefault/delete special member functions
uniform initializer, initializer listsrange-based for loop
auto and decltypefunction and bind
alternative function syntaxlambda expressions
rvalue reference and move semanticssmart pointers
explicit conversion operatorstuple
alias templatesregex, random
variadic templatesstatic_assert, typeof
constexprstring literals
fold expressions 

Some of the threading topics covered:

atomicmutex and lock
asynccondition variables
futures and promisespackaged task

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