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Latin : /ki-ɛɹ-ə/ to conjure, to summon, to put in motion
Software Consulting, C++ Training, and Mentoring

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Software Consulting

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We love solving problems.

From motor controllers to distributed solutions servicing 600,000 requests an hour, or systems that process over 10,000 credit card transactions each month, we have the experience and expertise to design, implement, and deploy reliable and secure solutions that scale with your business needs.

Let us apply our experience and knowledge to move your project to success.


C++ Training


Professional, useful training for Modern C++ and Boost libraries. Get your team up-to-speed fast!

On-site and public courses so you can produce higher-quality and more extensible code.

Live and Interactive On-line Courses Coming Soon!

I wanted to thank you for setting up this invaluable C++ Training with Michael Caisse. It was by far the most influential technical training I have had in my career.

C++11/14 Bootstrap Course on-site training attendee to management