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Project Consulting

The project is running smoothly. All milestones are getting met. The board meeting will be a breeze. And then the team arrives at the first real demonstratable checkpoint. Excuses ensue. Timelines get pushed and then the new dates are missed. The board meeting is not going to be fun.

We have been there. More importantly, we have established a track record of helping executive management teams get projects back on track so you can meet your investor’s expectations.

We fix doomed projects

Frequency Domain Electro-Magnetic Instrument

The Problem

EM The smartest academic minds in geophysics were hired. The assembled group is world renown for their domain knowledge of measurement devices. However, as each demonstration milestone was missed it became clear that an instrument would not materialize. The government contract was in jeopardy.

The Solution

After reviewing the requirements and discussing both the short and long-term business goals we set a plan in motion. The solution was unique and surpassed expectations. Initial trials confirmed the instrument had more dynamic range and sensitivity than any previous EM solution. The resulting instrument could be towed at high-speed and perform subterrain mapping with more resolution than any other instrument. In addition to providing technical leadership and implementation we drew from our government contracting experience and helped guide the management team through the contract specifics.

Glass Sorter

The Problem

Prototype quality mechanical design and poor choices in operating system and signal processing strategies do not make an automated glass sorter. Especially if you need to demonstrate progress against a government grant. And if you want to grow into a viable business, you need more than research alone.


The Solution

The project was divided into three phases. The initial phase produced a sorter that bolstered confidence and allowed the company to win a second grant. The second phase resulted in a limited number of units employed in a small glass processing plant. These units brought valuable real-world run time to the vision algorithms and provided feedback on the caustic environment the sorters must live. The final phase produced several rugged sorters that are the center piece of a profitable plant.

This project brought together disciplines including pneumatics, optics, electronics, mechanical design, CAD/CAM, FPGA, embedded and client/server software, and image processing. To find out a little more about the glass sorter, see our popular sorter videos.