Latin : ki-ɛː-ə - to conjure, to summon, to put in motion
Software Consulting, C++ Training, and Project Recovery

Software Consulting

Engineering - the practical application of science to commerce or industry

Princeton dictionary

We love solving problems. Software, electronic, mechanical, signal processing, embedded and large systems… Let us put the pieces of your project together.


C++ Training

Professional, useful training for Modern C++ and Boost libraries. Get your team up-to-speed fast!

Produce higher-quality and more extensible code.


Project Recovery

Sometimes you need some extra help.

Deadlines approaching, products failing, and tempers flying. We can help you get things under control utilizing our multidisciplinary team.

From project management to product development our expertise can get things on track.


Ciere Labs

Sometimes a library, framework, or utility is just too useful to keep to yourself. Not only will you find ciere team members on IRC channels and mail-lists answering questions and being good netizens, you can also find source code we have written that is living in the wild. Our shared projects are licensed under the Boost Software License to ensure the greatest freedom and flexibility to employ some ciere magic in your own code base.